Darren Luke

Webmaster 15 Aug , 2018

Darren Luke – Head of Fitness & Head of UFSD Krav Maga.

Darren is a qualified personal trainer with over 5 years experience and has worked in various countries around the world.
With a true passion for the fitness industry Darren brings a wide variety of training methods and techniques and has a constant desire to learn and grow as a trainer.

Along with his passion for fitness Darren has a passion for FOOD!!!! Darren has worked as a professional chef around the world and owned and operated his own health food café ( Café Refuel ) and health inspired catering company ( Clean Catering )

With his knowledge of food and fitness results are guaranteed!!

Darren is a Graduate Level 3 Krav Maga Instructor certified by the IKMF ( International Krav Maga Fedderation ) and holds and the head of the Krav Maga section at United Fitness & Self Defence.

Darren gained his Instructor certification training under:

Marcus Torgerson G.I.T ( Global Instructor Team ) Expert Level 3

Hen Toledano G.I.T ( Global Instructor Team ) Expert Level 2.

Tim Alexander C.I.T ( Continental Instructor Team ) Expert Level 3