Dean Johnston

Webmaster 15 Aug , 2018

Dean Johnston Head of Martial arts & Self Defence.
Dean has been training in the Martial arts and fighting system for over 22 years.

During his career Dean has earned the rank of 2nd degree Black belt in Bushi Kai Karate,1st degree black belt in Cocoy Doce Pare and is a G2 level IKMF Krav Maga Instructor. As well as this he has trained in various other fighting styles including 5 years in amateur boxing at Digbys Boxing with Tony Kettlewell.

Dean gained his IKMF Instructor certification training under Marcus Torgerson G.I.T (global instructor team) Expert level 3 & Hen Toledano G.I.T ( global instructor team) expert level 2.
His Doce Pares 1st Degree Black Belt was gained under Teresa Cronin( 5th Degree Black Belt ) and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate under John Core.

Dean holds a current QLD security license and is also an active member of the SSAA.

As well as his passion for martial arts, Dean is passionate about health & fitness and is currently studying for Certificate III & IV in Fitness.